Love Letters

It’s been too cold to drag a saw out of the shop and cut wood. Too cold to sand or stain or paint for that matter, even in shop #2 in our basement. But it’s not too cold for stencils. wood-framed, four-pane window with "Life begins" in script in the upper left pane and "with coffee!" in the lower right pane. Coffee is in capital letters.

This vintage window now hangs proudly above our coffee cabinet in the kitchen. It took some time to choose just the right saying that represented our philosophy. I found a guy on EBay who cuts vinyl lettering to order. No more buying full alphabets and ending up with a dozen x and z. You choose your font or fonts and it’s super easy to apply.

I’m not as certain of what I’ll do with the other vintage windows we have on hand. Some have been given to us by people who know we’ll do something with them, eventually. I see similar ones hanging in upcycling and antique stores for $50-$80 dollars unfinished, but they hang there. And they hang there.

Three old windows of varying sizes leaning against a cabinet. Flooring is a wild, busy pattern in brown and yellow.

(Isn’t the old flooring in the workroom fantastic?!)

The windows need cleaning and possibly sanding before I can start to play. I purchased a bunch of on-sale packages of lettering at Michael’s and I’ll experiment with them. I also bought some stencils that require paint to apply. If they don’t turn out, there’s no real loss financially or otherwise. It’s all about the journey, right? One idea is percolating in my head. It’s a visual joke for the grammar nerd. You know what they say about art: please yourself first.


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I love that with your hectic and stressful life you find ways to release some of that with artwork. It’s the balance – the Libra yin and yang – that make you YOU. Love it!


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