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At sunset, a couple sitting on a bench with their dog at their feet, watching the water. They're seen from behind.

Eight Days a Week Times Two

I’m taking a two-week hiatus. No radio show. No news-hounding, at least not like usual. And no blog posts. Continue reading
Destin Sandlin holding and looking at a white cat as they get ready to learn

Smarter Every Day

You can learn something every day if you’re doing life right. My brother introduced me to the YouTube channel, Smarter Every Day. Host Destin Sandlin delves into all sorts of fascinating scientific experiments that are understandable by non-science types like... Continue reading

Dining in the Dark

Late last week, live on our show, Ken experienced what it’s like to eat when you can’t see. We set this up to highlight the upcoming fundraiser for Deaf/Blind Ontario, Dining in the Dark. Guests are served a formal meal... Continue reading

Carreying on with Art

Art, at its essence, can be difficult to describe. What moves one person might leave another feeling meh. And trying to explain what it feels like to create art is a challenge. I’ve likened it to feeling like I’m flying.... Continue reading

The Sweetest Rap Video Ever

Confession: I’ve watched this video several times and it’s always been on mute. I don’t really care about the song. Macklemore isn’t my thing. A 34-year-old rapper doesn’t want to be my thing. But what he is, is a caring,... Continue reading

Bad Leitch-Reading

Perhaps you’re familiar with the bad lip-reading video series? Someone takes the Donald Trump speeches and painstakingly (and poorly) reads his lips and adds corresponding voice-overs. Well, Ken and I did the same with this week’s Canadian political viral video.... Continue reading

What do you Love?

Whether you love playing darts, quilting, raking leaves or collecting computer parts, you can find like-minded hobbiests on the Internet. Even men who love doing laundry have found each other!   Continue reading

Podcast Guest

One of the first people I met when I moved back to London was Derek’s friend Kevin Bulmer. Kevin is a former on-air guy in radio, a singer-songwriter, Dad to two great lads and a whole lot of other cool... Continue reading

Your Monday Meditation

The following video is definitely not safe for work. It’s not politically correct and it contains some really colorful language. But perhaps, like me, it will make you laugh your fool head off! Thank you Jean for sending it to... Continue reading

Mechanical Victory

Our washing machine is a hand-me-up from a relative who was moving and didn’t need it anymore. It works well but there’s always been an issue with the safety switch.  Continue reading