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Weighty Matters

I’ve only ever known how it feels to eat whatever I want for short periods of time. I’ve been on Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and always have a few Lean Cuisine dinners in the freezer, so I don’t get caught... Continue reading

Diet Obsessions

By the time a Canadian girl is 14, she has been on 1100 diets. Okay, I obviously made that up. But it seems that teen females are experimenting with hazardous eating regimens just like my friends and I did back... Continue reading

Ode to a Frozen Diet Dinner

O frozen meal, be you Lean Cuisine, Weight Watchers or Healthy Choice. How do you lure me back when I know of your failings and shortcomings? You are like the rectangular mafia found in my grocer’s freezer: you keep pulling me... Continue reading

Border Jumpers

Last weekend on one of my infrequent trips to Port Huron I once again purchased only items not allowed to cross the border into the Great White North.   Continue reading

You Can’t Spell Diet Without Die

Dieting.  Meh.  We both knew we had been putting way too many treats into our pie holes so we decided the first of the year was the best time to take a good run at losing some weight.  Derek has... Continue reading

Do These Pants Make My Butt Look Smaller?

Alright.  It’s been a month and my resolve appears to be holding up.  Somehow my depleted willpower of the past couple of years has topped back up and I think I know how it happened.  And I feel confident in talking... Continue reading