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huge, grey rocks in the foreground followed by a nicely sloping shore into water. The other side of the river is visible but not in detail.

Water Babies

Anthropologists probably have something deep and insightful to say about why Derek and I are drawn to water. All we know is that we feel calmer and happier around a body of water of just about any kind. Bigger than... Continue reading

Correcting A Shameful Situation

Finally, someone’s doing something about the shameful situation in Shoal Lake where a First Nations community has had to bring in its water for 17 years, and the federal government refuses to kick in to give them clean water.  Continue reading

Not Exactly April Fresh

Experts are now saying our attempt to use less hot water means bacteria are clinging to the inside of our washing machines and our clothes. Continue reading

Here We Go Again Conspiracy Theorists!

For 45 years, London has added a minute amount of flouride to its drinking water.  The World Health Organization calls this act the single most important health benefit that communities have given people and it blames a lack of flouride... Continue reading