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At sunset, a couple sitting on a bench with their dog at their feet, watching the water. They're seen from behind.

Eight Days a Week Times Two

I’m taking a two-week hiatus. No radio show. No news-hounding, at least not like usual. And no blog posts. Continue reading

Vacation Staycation

Well hello there and happy mid-August! I’m attempting to pour myself back into the work routine, as relaxed as a puddle after doing a whole lot of nothing special to anyone else but me. Continue reading

Holiday Hiatus

I’ve taken a page from my CJBK co-host Ken’s workbook and scheduled myself off for a week, but spread it over two weeks. Not only do I get a good break but I get two two-day work weeks on either... Continue reading

Leaving on a Jet Plane

A week away was planned some time ago and here it is.  Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Jamaican Dreams Dashed

Jamaica is beautiful. You probably don’t need proof, but here’s a photo I took off Montego Bay when I was there in the early 1990s.  Continue reading

Family Matters

The idea was to create a bunch of little events throughout the year because it’s a milestone birthday-year for Derek. It began with the trip to Iceland. And I haven’t thought of how it will end, yet. (I’m open to... Continue reading

A Frickin’ Lion Safari

It was purely coincidental that I had just been to see some majestic lions and other beautiful African creatures when Cecil the lion was brutally killed by the most hated dentist in the world. I joined my Little Sister Tabitha,... Continue reading

Skipping Vacations. What’s Up With That?

Canadians and Americans aren’t taking all of the paid vacation days they’re entitled to. Some don’t take any of them at all. I feel like this refers to some sort of aliens because it’s not a concept I’m familiar with.... Continue reading

A Little Getaway

I had a great week off. I went to Paris…Ontario… and met my oldest (as in goes the furthest back in time) friend for lunch. I did what I wanted when I wanted and even snagged a couple of easy-peasy... Continue reading

Brandt’s Randt – No More Technology

I’ll surf the web on my smartphone, read a book on my Kobo, pay my bills on my desktop but there’s one technological advancement I won’t accept. I’m drawing the line! And so I randt.  Continue reading