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A pink bag with a see-through window that shows pink candies about an inch long and a quarter-inch wide.

The Thin Red Line

There are places in North America where you can stand in Canada and the US simultaneously. A massive, historic home straddles Stanstead, Quebec and Plain, Vermont, for example. You can enter the house from both countries.  Continue reading

A Tale of Two Superstars

I hope your long weekend was wonderful. And if you worked, I hope people were kind to you. As I’ve mentioned before, losing track of the time is my ultimate indulgence. So, when social media pal (and world’s biggest tiny Donny... Continue reading

Comfort Level

My radio cohost Mike has a theory. He believes that everyone gets to a point in life where they decide whether they will be a consumer or a minimalist. They either start accumulating things like toys and stuff or eschew... Continue reading

Brandt’s Randt – This is Syria-s

What’s the matter, US? Haven’t been involved in war lately and feeling the itch? The US is inching toward getting involved in a military conflict again and it’s pure B.S.   Continue reading

Slavery Over in All States Now

It’s a surprising story, really.  A doctor who calls Mississippi home was inspired after seeing the movie Lincoln to research when each US state officially abolished slavery.  He found that his home state still hadn’t done it. Continue reading

A Few Good Women

The US Defence Department is finally allowing women to serve in combat roles.   Continue reading

She’s Gotta Have It

You have to wonder why some products don’t make it over the border.  Last night we met our friend Eddie for dinner in Port Huron – Ed lives in Detroit – and that meant a trip to Target to pick... Continue reading

Nastiness in the Grocery Store

I will try to keep the grossness factor to a bare minimum here but a recent article published by Mother Nature Network exposes some little-known facts about what we eat, especially if it comes from the US.  They flipped through... Continue reading