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Pressing Matters

A report last week claims the federal Heritage Ministry is considering a bailout for Canada’s newspaper industry. While the struggling middle-class in that industry attempts to keep its jobs, our Liberal government might reward the CEOs for their greed and... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – A Moving Experience

Sometimes I think the rest of my life is going to mainly consist of asking, “that was how long ago?” The passage of time is on fast-forward. It’s already been five years since our friends Laurie and Jeff moved a... Continue reading

Everything Old is New

It appears that I won’t be writing House Proud for Sun Media anymore. My column has been running across the country for about 9 years now, but the marketplace has changed and the newspapers sections are getting smaller. But my terrific... Continue reading

House Proud: Mom Cave is an Idea Whose Time has Come – Sept 17, 2014

Everyone is familiar with the Man Cave, that secluded spot where the male head of the household can go alone to watch sports, or invite his buddies and maybe enjoy a stinky cigar without fear of reprisal. But what about... Continue reading

See Your Way to Better Colour Choices

Perhaps your furniture taste leans toward Danish modern and you have a thing for bold, graphic area rugs. You can pick out upholstery fabric from 10 metres away and set a table so pretty it would make Martha Stewart weep.... Continue reading

Striking First in the Battle Against Bugs – Sun Media

As warmer weather settles in, most winter-weary Canadians plan at least a few calm evenings outdoors, hosting a barbecue for friends and perhaps enjoying a glass of wine as the sun sets. Continue reading

House for Sale

No, not the one I live in. Many months ago, we joined with brother Rob and another partner in a house-flipping adventure. We bought a wreck of a place in Welland, ON and through the magic of money and back-breaking... Continue reading

House Proud: Parlez-Vous Parlour? for Sun Media

If you’re lucky, you get to see trends come around a second and possibly even a third time. When platform shoes came back into vogue in the late 1990s, how I wished I’d kept the ones I wore to my... Continue reading

House Proud: Simply Put, Painting is Hard Work

Over many years and several houses, I’ve painted dozens of rooms and a hundred pieces of furniture. It drove my husband crazy when I wouldn’t properly prepare the space for inevitable splatters and spills. And then there’s cleanup, which is... Continue reading

House Proud: Beautiful Blues to Reign as Colour of the Year

A colleague is taking a night course in beer tasting and he came to work the morning after a recent class with a new understanding of his girlfriend. Having spent the evening trying to distinguish between flavours with the slightest... Continue reading