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Help is on Its Way

The suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain rattled me. I don’t own a Kate Spade bag and I’ve never watched Bourdain’s show, although I did purchase Kitchen Confidential after years of hearing about how brave and bold it is.... Continue reading

Guest Post by Donald D’Haene – Thank-you Jerry Seinfeld

Donald D’Haene is a retired London performer, reviewer, TV host, author and columnist. He’s also not a hugger. Today, I’m handing my blog space over to him.  Continue reading

Suicide is Painless

That’s the title of the theme from M*A*S*H and I always wondered why it was appropriate for a TV show about a war, but that’s a topic for another day. Now that we’ve had time to absorb what Robin Williams... Continue reading

Robin Williams RIP

Where to begin. Anyone born in the 70s hasn’t known a world without Robin Williams. I vividly remember his first appearance on Happy Days, as Mork from Ork.  When he “sat” on the couch with his head on the cushion... Continue reading

Bewildered and Bereaved

This is not an easy post to write or a simple story to tell.  Derek’s cousin’s teenage son has died, apparently from a self-inflicted shot with his Dad’s shotgun.  Charlie was 16.  Continue reading

Do We or Don’t We?

Unlike most radio newscasters these days I work alone.  Sometimes I bounce an idea off the morning host but decisions are mostly mine to make, right or wrong, win or lose.  Continue reading

Honouring Nagui Morcos

Sobering thoughts for a Sunday.  Mr. Morcos was a happily married man of 54 who took his own life this spring.  He had Huntington’s disease and having watched his father deteriorate with the progressive illness he knew, and he had... Continue reading

Chaz and all of the Different Kids

I’ve never watched, nor will I likely ever watch Dancing With the Stars.  But this season I’ve been kind of interested in how one contestant has been doing in the competition: Chaz Bono.   Continue reading

Suicide is (Allegedly) Painless

Former NHL enforcer Wade Belak became the third hockey tough guy to lose his life this summer. Continue reading