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scan as you shop gizmo attached to the handle of a shopping cart

The future is always beginning now ~Mark Strand.

While I check out my items at the grocery store, I can’t help but think about the last time I went through a cashier’s lane. We exchanged the usual pleasantries. She asked how I was. I responded, fine, how are... Continue reading
smaller version of tube end photo

Poly Wants a Freebie

The question I asked myself was, where can I buy a can of turkey gravy and a container of PolyFilla? I’m very tired and must get home to nap so this magical place must not be out of my way.... Continue reading


Buying a simple garden hose isn’t so simple anymore. You need to almost be a professional shopper in order to make sure you’re not getting ripped off by all of the so-called LAST HOSE YOU’LL EVER NEED! claims out there.... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Prom and Circumstance

My niece is looking for a prom dress. This dress is the most important article of clothing in the world. It must be perfect. It must not only flatter but enhance and beyond that, it must meet with the approval... Continue reading

Trendy Shopping Habits

I play a little game on the weekends. How few stops can I make in order to complete all of my errands? This isn’t an original game. I didn’t invent it. It’s probably called, Being a Human on the Weekend.... Continue reading

Sad Sinking Sears

Soon, Sears points will be offered on a carton of eggs and a block of cheese. The struggling retailer is getting into the already crowded grocery game. It’s an admitted act of sheer desperation to save Sears but they don’t... Continue reading

Quirky Convos

We’ve all taken a coffee from a barista and when they’ve said, “Enjoy your coffee”, responded with, “you too!” If not that exact scenario, there’s probably been an occasion when something similar happened. You feel like an idiot. But we... Continue reading

Shopping Tales

The things you see in the grocery store. Continue reading

The Best Times to Shop

While we’re on vacation, I’m reposting some of my favourite blog posts of the past.  I know, I know, there are some people who would say “Never!”  But Smart Money in the US claims to reveal the best times to... Continue reading

Start the Car!

IKEA has finally come to London. Praise be to the gods of the Allan key and the foil-finished wood products.  Continue reading