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Thankful Thursday #1

This week, Throwback Thursday makes way for a Thankful Thursday.  Continue reading
Kumail Nanjiani in concert

Review: The Big Sick

This might be the only review of the movie The Big Sick that talks more about the “sick” than the point of the film, which is clashing cultures learning to get along.  Continue reading

Just Say The Word

In the six-and-a-half years since my personal victory over sepsis, a lot has changed. Sepsis is the body’s overreaction to a minor infection that leads to a blood infection that’s fatal if it isn’t treated. Here’s an update, for this... Continue reading


It’s difficult to get attention for a cause. When something like the Ice Bucket Challenge catches on, it’s so gratifying for the charity – in this case, defeating ALS. It’s hard to get momentum, to capture peoples’ attention, and every... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Sepsis Days

I  am really late to the story here, but I was reluctant to write about Muhammad Ali because, besides the obvious loss of a legend, his was another death attributable to sepsis, the disease that nearly KOd me several years... Continue reading

Sepsis Awareness

It had to take the death of Patty Duke last week at the age of 69, for sepsis to hit a new level of awareness. Thanks to her family listing sepsis as her cause of death, following a ruptured intestine,... Continue reading

World Sepsis Day

As you may know, I’m one of Canada’s advocates for spreading the word about sepsis. As a survivor of it, I’ve gotten to know the major organizations fighting to get the illness recognized by world health bodies, and to have... Continue reading

Work With Me, Baby

I’ve needed to get my picture taken recently. Once was for an upcoming Globe and Mail article about how and why doctors sometimes misdiagnose patients, the consequences. and some theories about how the medical profession can reduce the number of times... Continue reading

Spreading the Word

A flurry of activity has been going on behind the scenes regarding the publication of my next Ebook.  Continue reading

Yesterday Was What Day?

**This blog post originally appeared on the Blackburn News website: Sepsis. It doesn’t have a wristband or a colour of its own. There are no runs or telethons for it. And yet statistically it’s deadlier than heart disease, stroke and... Continue reading