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Ed Kelly standing in front of a microphone, wearing mirrored sunglasses, talking on the phone as he does one of his impressions

Master Impressionist

Thousands of broadcasters and actors in this country dream of making it in the US. Our friend Ed Kelly has been doing it for decades. The way I see it, his career is successful for three reasons. He’s versatile; from... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Becky, Lee and Me

My co-starring role in a grade-eight production of Tom Sawyer has become a bit of an inside joke. I bring up my performance as Becky Thatcher to Derek as if it was my glory-days moment and he uses it to... Continue reading

Guest Post by Donald D’Haene – Thank-you Jerry Seinfeld

Donald D’Haene is a retired London performer, reviewer, TV host, author and columnist. He’s also not a hugger. Today, I’m handing my blog space over to him.  Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Michael Burgess

Some superstars are divas. They carry themselves in a way that says, I’m better than you. Some are down-to-earth, humble and warm. That’s how I’d describe Michael Burgess.  Continue reading

Yes, And…

It’s the first rule of improv and the key to performing with another person.  Whatever they do, wherever they go, say “yes, and” not “no, but”.   Continue reading