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doodle of musical notes and a set of headphones plugged into a heart

Throwback Thursday – Giving Into Temptations

Picture it: 1984. Or was it ’85. No matter. I was working as a “swing” host at all-hit-radio CKSL. Think CFTR but in London, Ontario. Swing means my shifts swung around the clock. There were a couple of overnights, an... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Def Jam

Some people have stacks of concert tickets from their teen years. I can count on one hand the number of concerts I saw when I was young. Growing up in rural Ontario, traveling to a live show wasn’t a top... Continue reading

Really Late Review – This is Spinal Tap (1984)

On so many levels, This Is Spinal Tap keeps on giving. First, Rob Reiner co-wrote and directed it. His ability as a Hollywood A level writer/actor/director comes through and its a kick in the “wayback” to see him with hair.  Continue reading

New Fights for Old Money

If the heir to the writer of a children’s campfire song can claim ownership to a famous pop-flute riff, then anything truly is possible when it comes to owning the rights to music. A former Boomtown Rat hopes so, anyway.... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Lee Roy and Lee Roy

When we named our Border Collie, we thought we were naming him after a future star. Lee Roy Parnell was an up-and-coming country singer and guitarist who had the push of Arista Records behind him and the respect of his... Continue reading

Review – Life by Keith Richards

While we’re on vacation, I’m reposting some of my favourite blog posts of the past.  The most grizzled founding member of The Rolling Stones has told his fascinating life story in a thick volume that quickly jumped onto the best-seller... Continue reading

A Clutch-and-Rotate Classic Wins

You’re familiar with the clutch-and-rotate? It’s the last song of the high school dance, and some dweeb asks you, or you ask some dweeb, and you clutch and rotate through the song. More often than not, when I was in... Continue reading

Am I A Belieber?

You may think you don’t know me at all after you read this. I am thinking the same thing as I write it. I love the new Justin Bieber album.  Continue reading

RIP Thin White Duke

David Bowie never lost his influence over music. There was never a time when people said, Oh Bowie is so last century. He was always relevant.  Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Days of Free

We had some good times on the Free-FM morning show, The Big Show with Botten, Blair and Brandt. It only lasted a couple of years, but we worked our tails off and had big fun.  Continue reading