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Throwback Thursday – Giving Into Temptations

Picture it: 1984. Or was it ’85. No matter. I was working as a “swing” host at all-hit-radio CKSL. Think CFTR but in London, Ontario. Swing means my shifts swung around the clock. There were a couple of overnights, an... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: My Boss, My Brother

My first radio job when I moved back to London 8 years ago was midday host on 1039-FM, a station with an identity crisis. Now it’s a country music station. Then, it was struggling to find a niche in a... Continue reading

Not So Funny

Funny 1410 in London is shutting down in the coming months. The company I work for, Bell Media, got approval from the CRTC to revoke its license to operate the station. It’s just not viable anymore. Powering down its frequency brings an... Continue reading

A Princely Visit

Whenever someone mentions Prince, the following story comes to mind. And yesterday, when news of his death at 57 started burning up social media, it came back in vivid purple colour. It was the time Prince came to London, Ontario.... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – All Hit Music Me

When I was a kid, it was the height of cool to drop by a record store and pick up the CKOC street sheet to see that week’s top 40 songs. CKOC was Hamilton’s all-hit radio. If you were in Toronto, it was... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Nasty Soup!

Imagine radio in the 1980s, if you will. There was no Internet. We didn’t have email or cellphones, let alone smartphones. I saw my first laptop in the hands of CKSL afternoon drive announcer Dick Joseph. It never occured to... Continue reading

Too Young to be This Old

I don’t know how many other people caught this yesterday but it jumped out at me from the computer screen.  The London couple that won $17-million in Saturday’s Lotto 6/49 came forward.  He is 73 and she is 60 and... Continue reading

Laughs on the Radio

The radio industry today is worlds away from what it was like when I was starting out.   Continue reading

Gord’s Radio Gold

As I anticipate going back to work on Monday, Derek reminded me of a long-forgotten aspect of working at CKSL here in London in the mid-1980’s. Continue reading