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Best of the West

When Erin and Rob come to visit, there’s food, fun and lots of laughter. Their arrival coincided with Rob’s birthday so we made sure our wait staff at the Mandarin were aware of that fact.  Continue reading
as the balloon inflates, I'm watching from a distance

Throwback Thursday – Up, Up and Away

On my last milestone birthday – one that ended in 0 – I wanted to jump out of a plane. My wish was to do a tandem skydive. The idea scares me to death so it seemed like a good... Continue reading


My face feels like butter. On Friday morning, it felt more like 10 miles of gravel road. My heart feels like it swelled up to pumpkin size and then shrivelled back down to the face of an apple doll before... Continue reading

Flying the Friendly Skies

A couple of birthdays ago, I gave Derek a gift certificate for a helicopter flying lesson at St.Thomas Airport. He loves helicopters and has often said that if he had it to do all over again, he’d like to fly... Continue reading

Happy Birthday Mom!

It’s my Mom’s birthday today! Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Sisterhood

I used to wish I had a sister. Not instead of my brother, but in addition to him. Sisters seemed to share an intuitiveness. And their clothes. But my parents never came through for me!  Continue reading

Family Matters

The idea was to create a bunch of little events throughout the year because it’s a milestone birthday-year for Derek. It began with the trip to Iceland. And I haven’t thought of how it will end, yet. (I’m open to... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Baby Brother’s Big Adventure

Yesterday was my brother’s birthday. I call him my baby brother because he’s 20 months younger than me, but about a foot-and-a-half taller. It amuses me to call him that, while looking straight up to make eye contact with him.  Continue reading

Happy Birthday Little Man

Like a hunted wildebeast or the elusive sasquatch, capturing a two-year-old in the wilds of his own birthday party is not for the easily fatigued.  Continue reading

Little Man Turns One

The little man in my life, Ryker, turned one on the weekend. Ryker is the son of my Little Sister, Tabitha, and her guy Nick. I’m Grandma Lisa, or at least, I will be when he starts talking!  Continue reading