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Louis CK with a half smile, in front of a Time Magazine backdrop

They All Hurt, But This One Hurts Me More

I believe the women who accused Bill Cosby of drugging and assaulting them. And the men whom Kevin Spacey assaulted and harassed. And before Louis CK admitted it was true, I believed the women who accused him of being a... Continue reading

This Gal’s Got to Rant

If there was any doubt, and there was among some people, that Bill Cosby was a rapist who drugged his victims, the news yesterday that he admitted so himself ought to have put that to rest.  Continue reading

My Last Comment on Cosby (Unless He’s In the News and I Can’t Avoid It)

It came to me after I posted a tweet and it started a long and thoughtful conversation between many men on Facebook. (My tweets automatically post to Facebook in a two-for -one social media update.) The tweet read, “Dear world... Continue reading

The Cos-man Cometh

Bill Cosby. What can I say? I say this. (And some listeners agreed, some strongly disagreed!)  Continue reading

When the School Bully Becomes a Success

I finally figured it out. Donald Trump is just a grown-up schoolyard bully. Continue reading