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A Ford, A Woman and a Tulip

The “progressive” part of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives was removed from their name on the weekend. What a mess. The Liberals were the real winners of the PC leadership debacle that elected Doug Ford.  Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Vintage Tulip

Pink was all the rage for home decor in the 80s. They called it dusty rose. So were deep grey, Caribbean blue and not wearing socks, if you were Don Johnson on Miami Vice. Continue reading

Not So Funny

Funny 1410 in London is shutting down in the coming months. The company I work for, Bell Media, got approval from the CRTC to revoke its license to operate the station. It’s just not viable anymore. Powering down its frequency brings an... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Nasty Soup!

Imagine radio in the 1980s, if you will. There was no Internet. We didn’t have email or cellphones, let alone smartphones. I saw my first laptop in the hands of CKSL afternoon drive announcer Dick Joseph. It never occured to... Continue reading

Halt and Catch Fire

We’re a fortunate bunch, we TV viewers of today. We don’t have to suffer through endless summer reruns anymore. We can actually discover excellent new series and enjoy them when it rains or it’s too cool or buggy to be... Continue reading


Sunfest is on in London this weekend.  It’s another great excuse to stroll beautiful Victoria Park, hear some exotic live music and smell the smells of deep-fried delights that I wouldn’t dare let touch my lips. Continue reading