Moving Pieces


Hello friends – thanks for visiting!  Here is a collection of some of our recent creations. Please use the chat feature if you have any questions. Thank you!

black rotary phone with the receiver suspended horizontally above the phone itself, each end holding a bulb

This is our best-seller. We make them to order.

tall thin black lamp made from a microphone

Microphone lamp proves we can make a lamp out of anything! $125

wood shelves on an aluminum frame

You’ll find this unique island for sale at New Vintage Finishes in Lambeth. Using century-old reclaimed wood with original stencil.

2-foot piece of barnboard with a milk bottle attached as a vase containing ornamental grasses

The vase is removable and can be used as a planter or bud vase. Barnboard finished with beeswax. $30

pine dining table has a cool angular wood feature in the middle and white legs

One-of-a-kind pine dining table using reclaimed wood. $398

The best place to keep up with our latest products is on Facebook where we are lisaspieces2 or Twitter where we are @LisasPieces5. There you’ll find frequent updates on freshly finished pieces and custom works we’ve done. We also give old pieces new live with chalk and Cottage Paints.

Please visit our friends at Timeless & Unique at 1770 Ernest Ave for some of our steampunk lamps, live edge tables and other beautiful items from local artisans.

You’ll also find several of our works at New Vintage FInishes at 2417 Main St. in Lambeth, where you can stock up on Unicorn Spit and see other pieces from various local creators.



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