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Signs of the Times

You can learn a lot about a place from its signs. Are they funny? Are they informative? Do they… god forbid… have an unnecessary apostrophe?  Continue reading

Walkin’ (Too Much!) In Memphis

There’s no need to park in downtown Memphis and walk ten city blocks to your destination. We know that now! Looking back, I can’t remember why we did this on our second-last day in the city. It wasn’t the only... Continue reading
Burgundy album cover with gold writing: The Partridge Family Album

My Favourite Partridge – Feb 23, 2017

David Cassidy died last night with his family around him. The official cause was organ failure but that followed years of drug abuse and heavy drinking that he had finally tamed in recent years. Burned into my memory: David gazing... Continue reading

Orange You Glad?

It’s funny how little things from our childhood stick with us into adulthood. For example, the way your Mom or Dad (or you) prepared an orange. Did they peel it or cut it? And was it cut into slices or... Continue reading

Pull The Plug

Of all of the contentious and debatable things making headlines right now – apart from Sir Orange Head of US-land – there’s one thing that should have us all taking up pitchforks and torches and raiding Queen’s Park.* Continue reading

Dining in the Dark

Late last week, live on our show, Ken experienced what it’s like to eat when you can’t see. We set this up to highlight the upcoming fundraiser for Deaf/Blind Ontario, Dining in the Dark. Guests are served a formal meal... Continue reading

His Friends Call Him Wheels

If you visit here sometimes, you’re likely aware that I’m not a sports nut. I’m not even a half-nutshell sports fan. I will go along with whatever the house is interested in. Now it’s NFL and NASCAR. So TSN’s soccer... Continue reading

Really Late Review – Hidden Figures

This is an experiment. It occurred to me that not everyone sees movies when they first come out. We sure don’t. Life is busy and there are other priorities. I used to try to see all of the nominees for... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Chatty Cathy

It was this way from kindergarten through college, where it was finally appreciated. Every teacher, almost without fail, complained that I talked too much in class.  Continue reading

In the Luuup

Cats can be kind of disgusting. They’re more-or-less clean and rather obsessed with self-grooming but…well…if you’ve ever had a cat, you know. So when I heard about Luuup, the self-described Best Litter Box Ever Made, I had to investigate. This... Continue reading