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Off the Beaten Path

We like to get out and explore on our own. One of our favourite side trips from Las Vegas was to Oatman, Arizona. They call Oatman a ghost town because it’s settled in the Black Mountains of the Mohave and... Continue reading

Ten Feet Off of Beale

It’s impossible to visit Memphis without getting a repetitive earworm of Marc Cohn’s 1991 hit “Walkin’ in Memphis”.  (If you don’t know it, get thee to YouTube and check it out.) Cohn’s autobiographical, Grammy-winning song brought Beale Street – and... Continue reading

Walkin’ (Too Much!) In Memphis

There’s no need to park in downtown Memphis and walk ten city blocks to your destination. We know that now! Looking back, I can’t remember why we did this on our second-last day in the city. It wasn’t the only... Continue reading

Walkin’ In Memphis

It had been about twenty years since I first visited Graceland. Elvis purchased the mansion, on nearly 14 acres of land, in 1957. The sellers doubled the price to about $100,000 once they found out who the buyer was. The... Continue reading

Drivin’ To Memphis

I hope you have your traveling pants on. This week, I’m taking you on our road trip where we visited (or at least passed through) eight US states, brought home some contraband (you can lie by omission at the border,... Continue reading
At sunset, a couple sitting on a bench with their dog at their feet, watching the water. They're seen from behind.

Eight Days a Week Times Two

I’m taking a two-week hiatus. No radio show. No news-hounding, at least not like usual. And no blog posts. Continue reading
Derek stands between two cactuses that are at least 30 feet high each

Throwback Thursday – Wile E. Coyote

Go looking for Saguaro Cactus in Arizona if you ever want to feel tiny and young, Continue reading
skinny white man with a ponytail and navy bathing suit standing on the sand, looking into the distance


What is vaguebooking? It’s being vague on Facebook. And it’s super annoying.  Continue reading

Zip it Up

Traffic experts in many cities and now mine, claim that the so-called zipper method of merging traffic from two lanes into one is the best way to keep traffic flowing in construction zones. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – What Happens in Vegas

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve been to Las Vegas. I went to the old Vegas three times, before the mega-resorts and resort fees and insanely-sized hotels were erected. I vividly remember waiting in the limo with my... Continue reading