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Throwback Thursday – Becky, Lee and Me

My co-starring role in a grade-eight production of Tom Sawyer has become a bit of an inside joke. I bring up my performance as Becky Thatcher to Derek as if it was my glory-days moment and he uses it to... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Roommate from Hell

I’ve lived with many people over the years, most of them were my husbands. *rimshot*  Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Bye-bye Bears

Considering the amount of time I’ve spent in my old hometown lately and the Facebook friends I have from high school including the group dedicated just to my class year, you’d think I would have caught wind of the farewell... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – As Good As It Gets

My maternal grandfather, who died when my Mom was ten years old, relied on rations during the Second World War. We recently found a ration coupon booklet with many of the little tickets still intact.  Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – The Prettiest Place on Earth

I know I’ve posted this photo before, but it means many things to me. Freedom. Exploration. Happiness. Confidence. Love. Eze, France is considered by many to be the prettiest place on the planet. To my eyes, so far, it’s definitely... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Free to Be

It’s been less than two years since I left Free-FM but sometimes it feels like decades. Derek and I both made some great friends there and there’s a photo of one in particular that makes me LOL every time.  Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – My Brother, My Twin

There were a few years when we were kids that people mistook my baby brother and me for twins. I wasn’t growing at all and he was growing fast. We’re sixteen months apart but we looked alike.  Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Prom and Circumstance

My niece is looking for a prom dress. This dress is the most important article of clothing in the world. It must be perfect. It must not only flatter but enhance and beyond that, it must meet with the approval... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – The Hockey Series in the Shadow

All Canadians know about the 1972 Canada-Russia hockey series in which the NHL proved its supremacy via Paul Henderson’s last minute goal. In 1974, the upstart WHA took on the Russians with a different outcome. The World Hockey Association was attempting to... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – I’ve Done 150 Before

Our country turns 150 this year but parts of it are much older than that. In fact, if you talk to Canada’s indigenous people, they’ll remind you that this sesquicentennial marks 150 years of colonialism, not confederation. But I digress.  Continue reading