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Political Randt

Quashing the truth always worries me. I’m concerned for a generation of kids growing up with confusing messages from (supposed) grown-ups who tell stories with facts conveniently omitted because those facts don’t support their narrative. Continue reading

An Expensive Lesson

Perhaps I got a little too blase about purchasing things online. I don’t even remember what my mindset was like when I bought Advanced Final Skin Care on a ‘risk-free trial’ by paying ‘only the shipping cost’. I defy anyone... Continue reading

Unhealthy (Social Media) Habits

It breaks my heart to see so many people sharing bogus health information on social media. Add to that, the conspiracy theories surrounding the government suppressing the cures for cancer and other diseases. Scientists have families too. Continue reading

Cookies are Stupid

Not chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies. Cookies on the Internet that capture a bit of data from your visit to a website only to use it against you later on. Continue reading

Making A Real Difference

If this post makes you a little uncomfortable, that’s part of the reason I’m writing it. It’s evidence of a problem that needs fixing for girls of the present and future. Continue reading

Google Giggle

If you weren’t aware, Google has an online translation service. I’ve used it here and there and recently Ken read about an Easter Egg on the site. Remember Easter Eggs on DVDs? They were little hidden gems, like outtakes or... Continue reading

Thankful Thursday – Young Women Role Models

For every Kim Kardashian,who focuses on body image and striving for perfection, there’s a Pink, telling girls to be who they naturally are and how that’s plenty good enough.  Continue reading

The Voice Down the Hallway

Happy short work-week! I think that should become more of a thing. Long weekend. Short work-week. I’ll get in touch with Hallmark and see if we can’t get some cards made up. But I digress.  Continue reading
huge, grey rocks in the foreground followed by a nicely sloping shore into water. The other side of the river is visible but not in detail.

Water Babies

Anthropologists probably have something deep and insightful to say about why Derek and I are drawn to water. All we know is that we feel calmer and happier around a body of water of just about any kind. Bigger than... Continue reading
Book cover has grey background and a microphone with headphones resting on it in back and white. In red lettering: Make the Media Want You. In white, outlined in black: An Insider's Guide to Creating Persuasive Pitches by Veteran Broadcaster Lisa Brandt

Announcement: New Book Release Date

Make The Media Want You: An Insider’s Guide to Creating Persuasive Pitches, will be released July 17, 2018, in paperback and eBook.  Continue reading