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Pressing Matters

A report last week claims the federal Heritage Ministry is considering a bailout for Canada’s newspaper industry. While the struggling middle-class in that industry attempts to keep its jobs, our Liberal government might reward the CEOs for their greed and... Continue reading
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Love’s Labour’s Lost

It’s possible that I’m falling out of love with my first love: media. Okay, you got me. My first love was Donny Osmond but that was unrequited so it doesn’t count. Media has mostly loved me back even when I... Continue reading
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Two Little Words

Changing the lyrics to O Canada to “of us” from “thy sons” set social media on fire. Here’s a sampling of comments from the CJBK Facebook page.  Continue reading

Let’s Talk

Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day, an initiative that makes me proud to work for Bell/CTV. It’s about openness, discussion, the truth and helping people overcome stigmas and mental illnesses.  Continue reading

Cold Nose, Warm Brain

Your nose temperature might provide insight into how hard your brain is working. Continue reading

Caught Between Two Schools

Someone in authority recently called me “old school” as high praise because in the old school we put in extra effort and we put on our game faces when we needed to. We followed policy and didn’t make a scene... Continue reading
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Out of Site

They say necessity is the mother of invention. It’s also the inspiration for buckling down and learning things you never thought you’d need to know.  Continue reading
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Pea-Shoots and Leaves

Advertising works! We received a postcard-ad letting us know that Mama Earth organics is now delivering to our area, and I made my first order in less than 24-hours.  Continue reading

How About Them Apples?

I hate my iPhone and now I know for sure that my iPhone hates me.  Continue reading
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Grand Idea

UPDATE: At its meeting Tuesday night, the TVDSB agreed to reinstate its $15,000 funding for Prom Queen. The Board Chair and other members spoke passionately about how the original decision didn’t reflect where they are as an organization. From the... Continue reading