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I Can See Your Halo

Volunteers do lots of good things for others and never brag about it. And some researchers decided to try to put a dollar value on what they do, to figure out what would happen if they suddenly stopped. It’s called the Halo... Continue reading

Mighty Neighbourly

On Sunday morning, after we brought two truckloads of merchandise to the Western Fair Agriplex for the Forest City Flea, we called our pal Heykel to see if he was up for an early breakfast. We made our way into... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Rising to New Heights

Tall women have long been told that they shouldn’t wear heels, or look taller than men. This is, of course, ridiculous. A female friend who’s 6′ tells everyone she’s 5′ 12″. (She does it as a joke, though.)  The crew... Continue reading

Mug Life

A couple of weeks ago I put out a request on social media for coffee mug recommendations. Not ordinary mugs though, travel mugs, or something that would keep my coffee hot. I have a cheap, ordinary mug at work and... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Prom and Circumstance

My niece is looking for a prom dress. This dress is the most important article of clothing in the world. It must be perfect. It must not only flatter but enhance and beyond that, it must meet with the approval... Continue reading

TMI to the Max

Many times I’ve wrestled with whether to write about a personal story or situation. If I decide that a revelation can benefit someone else, then it’s worth the price of revealing something about my life. What columnist Leah McLaren wrote for... Continue reading

Resiliency Ninja Allison Graham

About once a year since I moved to London someone will ask me if I know Allison Graham. When I say I don’t, they’re always surprised. Everyone knows Allison Graham! And if they don’t yet, they will once her new... Continue reading

Analyzing RAM: Rampant Apostrophe Misuse

You may already be aware that the misuse of the apostrophe is my Achilles heel. Finally, I’ve come to a point where I can refrain from commenting on social media when my friends commit crimes against punctuation but it’s still a... Continue reading

Less (Information) is More

My head is full of details about news stories past and present. We all suffer from information overload but I think it’s different when that info is about your passion, say, competitive quilting. When it concerns the heinous and horrible... Continue reading

Keep it Classy, Journalists

The other night before I went to bed, I quickly flipped through my news apps to see what was in the headlines. Show prep never stops, and what’s news tonight from these legitimate news sources will form the backbone of my... Continue reading