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Really Late Review – Get Out

Jordan Peele is the latest darling of the movie industry. That’s what happens when you make a film for $5-million and it grosses more than $230-million. Hollywood loves movies but more than that, it loves money.  Continue reading

Really Late Review – This is Spinal Tap (1984)

On so many levels, This Is Spinal Tap keeps on giving. First, Rob Reiner co-wrote and directed it. His ability as a Hollywood A level writer/actor/director comes through and its a kick in the “wayback” to see him with hair.  Continue reading

Really Late Review – Alien Covenant by Donald D’Haene

Here’s a no spoiler alert: This is not a review. You want to know the plot of Alien Covenant? Google it.  Continue reading

No More Queasy Rides

Have you ever looked at a simple little gizmo and thought, that can’t possibly work? That’s how I felt about my motion sickness wristbands until a pal told me they kept her stomach from trying to leave her body when... Continue reading

Really Late Review – Scott Taylor reviews Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Scott Taylor is Editor of Our London and a regular on our 7:45 roundtable on the CJBK Morning Show.  I’d love to embarrass him right now so I will tell you that he is smart, funny, a terrific writer and... Continue reading

RLR – Sharon Whiteside Reviews “Girl on Guy” Podcasts

Loads of positive feedback followed my first Really Late Review last Friday.  It seems I’ve found common ground with plenty of people who don’t leap on the next new thing the minute it comes out. Several readers promised to submit their... Continue reading

A Pirate’s Life is Not for Me

In our house, I’m the technology expert. Once we walk out the door, I’m basically a dummy in this area.  Continue reading

Resiliency Ninja Allison Graham

About once a year since I moved to London someone will ask me if I know Allison Graham. When I say I don’t, they’re always surprised. Everyone knows Allison Graham! And if they don’t yet, they will once her new... Continue reading

Smallwood, Big Dreams

All Newfoundlanders know the history of Joey Smallwood. He was the politician who brought the country of Newfoundland into confederation in 1949. As the rock’s leader of the Liberal Party, Smallwood became its first Premier and sat virtually unchallenged in... Continue reading

Criminal Minds

Ken and I discussed a T-shirt last week that was drawing fire as racist. It was a Walking Dead-inspired shirt, that depicted Negan’s wire-wrapped baseball bat named Lucille and the character’s threatening words as he decided who to kill in... Continue reading