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A Prehistoric Boudoir Photo Shoot

Trust me. This is worth your time. A woman who would obviously make a great friend or colleague decided to give her fiance a collection of boudoir photos.  Continue reading

It Walks Like A Duck

Sometimes it’s a struggle to remember the positive when you’re in the news business. News is, by definition, made up of anomalies and bad things. The sun came up, people helped each other and took care of their families, children... Continue reading

A Pirate’s Life is Not for Me

In our house, I’m the technology expert. Once we walk out the door, I’m basically a dummy in this area.  Continue reading

Analyzing RAM: Rampant Apostrophe Misuse

You may already be aware that the misuse of the apostrophe is my Achilles heel. Finally, I’ve come to a point where I can refrain from commenting on social media when my friends commit crimes against punctuation but it’s still a... Continue reading

Trendy Shopping Habits

I play a little game on the weekends. How few stops can I make in order to complete all of my errands? This isn’t an original game. I didn’t invent it. It’s probably called, Being a Human on the Weekend.... Continue reading

Life Hacks From The Dark Side

The web is rife with helpful ways to improve your life. They’re not all created equal. For every brilliant plastic pipe hair appliance holder (which I shared last week) there’s a toilet-paper-roll wreath that, when finished and hung on the wall, looks... Continue reading

Skirting the Issue

I recently wrote about the major closet/drawer/shelf purges I’m going through in my home. Everything except my husband and the cats is up for reconsideration. My anti-clutter-freakness is now turned up to 11.  Continue reading

Lobster Will Flounder

How anyone can dispute the science of climate change baffles me. It’s fodder for stand-up comics (Can we trust temperatures taken 150 years ago?? Back then they were using leeches to cure disease!) and hard right-wingers who believe that if... Continue reading

I Have Spoken With the Future…

…and her name is Alexa. Continue reading

Broadcasting Pet Peeves

I hope you’ll add to this list. Some of these things are a little “inside” but some are recognizable to radio listeners who have no knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes.  Continue reading