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Sign of the Times

Hate isn’t the opposite of love, fear is. I truly believe that the root of hatred, whether it’s white supremacy or any of those other disgusting world views, is fear. Ignorance. Insecurity. They might be buried deeply but they’re down... Continue reading

Trump Card

The Trump presidency is making me angry but also confused. I feel the need to figure out how so many smart, accomplished people refuse to acknowledge that he is a buffoon who isn’t keeping any of his promises to “make... Continue reading

Wearing Thin

Many people think sexism is a thing of the past. More women than ever are doing whatever they want -working or raising kids or a mixture of both – so they reason that it must mean they’re treated equally. Oh... Continue reading

Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Misfortune

When Ken’s away, I’ll do whatever it takes to not be boring.  Our morning show – a talk show, may I remind you – eats up so much more content when there’s just one person at the helm. Without Ken... Continue reading

The Emperor is Naked and Afraid

We have to find some common ground in this deeply divided world in which we now live. Did you support Donald Trump? Liberals think you’re a moron. Are you against him? Conservatives think you’re stupid. Politics didn’t used to be... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – As Good As It Gets

My maternal grandfather, who died when my Mom was ten years old, relied on rations during the Second World War. We recently found a ration coupon booklet with many of the little tickets still intact.  Continue reading

Oh Canada (Free Flag!)

Someone knocked on the door after 8 pm one night last week. Derek and I were in bed, reading, but I scrambled up and grabbed a robe. By the time I got to the door I saw a woman I... Continue reading

I Can See Your Halo

Volunteers do lots of good things for others and never brag about it. And some researchers decided to try to put a dollar value on what they do, to figure out what would happen if they suddenly stopped. It’s called the Halo... Continue reading

It Walks Like A Duck

Sometimes it’s a struggle to remember the positive when you’re in the news business. News is, by definition, made up of anomalies and bad things. The sun came up, people helped each other and took care of their families, children... Continue reading

Voting for Voice-Work

The City of London is considering adopting a different method of voting for the municipal election next year. Instead of first-past-the-post, they’re looking at ranked choice ballots. You rank your first, second and third choices instead of choosing just one and... Continue reading