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Starsky & Hutch, Turner & Hootch, Ken & Lisa

Ken and I are shooting a TV commercial this morning. It’s not just for our Morning Show on CJBK; afternoon drive host Andy Oudman is also in it and although the script is a closely guarded secret, I gather we... Continue reading

Vacation Staycation

Well hello there and happy mid-August! I’m attempting to pour myself back into the work routine, as relaxed as a puddle after doing a whole lot of nothing special to anyone else but me. Continue reading

A Tale of Two Superstars

I hope your long weekend was wonderful. And if you worked, I hope people were kind to you. As I’ve mentioned before, losing track of the time is my ultimate indulgence. So, when social media pal (and world’s biggest tiny Donny... Continue reading

“Never work with animals or children.” WC Fields

On Thursdays, we have a segment on the show called Ask Me Anything. Someone with a fascinating hobby or profession comes in and answers anything we and our listeners want to know about what they do. We’ve had a funeral... Continue reading

Lucky Bucket

My brother Kevin is finally home after one of his bucket-list adventures: a motorcycle trip to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. It sits on the northern-most part of the US highway system – in fact, 10 miles north of the actual highway.... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Best Pizza in Town

I’m pretty sure that Robbies Pizza was the first pizza I ever ate. That is correct – not Robbie’s; Robbies. I unearthed one of their flyers in a pile of my father’s stuff. Continue reading

Falling Behind

The motorcycle industry is hurting. This isn’t anything new. It hasn’t really recovered since sales plummeted in the mid 2000s when the economy took a hit and the first things people gave up were their “play” items. They stopped buying... Continue reading

A Prehistoric Boudoir Photo Shoot

Trust me. This is worth your time. A woman who would obviously make a great friend or colleague decided to give her fiance a collection of boudoir photos.  Continue reading

What We’re Bringing to the Table

Months ago, we were given an old sewing machine and I knew immediately that I wanted it to be the base for a table. Meanwhile, we bought another couple of machines and earmarked them for the same fate. But we... Continue reading

Oh Canada (Free Flag!)

Someone knocked on the door after 8 pm one night last week. Derek and I were in bed, reading, but I scrambled up and grabbed a robe. By the time I got to the door I saw a woman I... Continue reading