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Oh Canada (Free Flag!)

Someone knocked on the door after 8 pm one night last week. Derek and I were in bed, reading, but I scrambled up and grabbed a robe. By the time I got to the door I saw a woman I... Continue reading

Living History

Looking for something different to do last Friday, my pal Jenn suggested we check out the new broadcasting exhibit at Museum London. At the time, we didn’t realize it was the second anniversary of the death of our then-patriarch at... Continue reading

No More Queasy Rides

Have you ever looked at a simple little gizmo and thought, that can’t possibly work? That’s how I felt about my motion sickness wristbands until a pal told me they kept her stomach from trying to leave her body when... Continue reading

From the Bottom to the Top

It seemed that the Emerald City hop-on-hop-off trolley tour of Seattle wasn’t running yet last week, so Erin and I set about finding alternatives. At check-in, our hotel receptionist told Erin that the Smith Building was a better deal than... Continue reading

Steepness in Seattle

Seattle, Washington. Home of the Seahawks and the Mariners, the grunge music scene of the 1990s, fresh seafood that will make you moan and a long, pretty shoreline. It’s not surprising that they have tourism down to an art form. You... Continue reading

Glorious Victoria

Where to begin? At the beginning, I suppose. At my wonderful friends’ new home in Victoria, BC, with a panoramic view of the harbour and mountains, in the corner of our country that doesn’t experience weather extremes. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Rising to New Heights

Tall women have long been told that they shouldn’t wear heels, or look taller than men. This is, of course, ridiculous. A female friend who’s 6′ tells everyone she’s 5′ 12″. (She does it as a joke, though.)  The crew... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – I (Don’t) Remember When

An old friend from the Wingham/CKNX days posted an old photo of me on Facebook last weekend. Usually, I can tell by the hairstyle – or my hair’s lack of style – what year it was. I’m pretty sure this... Continue reading

Work With Me, Baby

I’ve needed to get my picture taken recently. Once was for an upcoming Globe and Mail article about how and why doctors sometimes misdiagnose patients, the consequences. and some theories about how the medical profession can reduce the number of times... Continue reading

Chat Stats Are In!

In the week or so since this website was officially launched, and by that I mean replacing my old site, the “chat with me” option via PureChat has been tracked and the results are in. They’re overwhelming.  Continue reading