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Book cover is grey-scale with a bit of blue and half the face of a teenage girl with a line of paper dolls at the bottom

Review: The Light Over Broken Tide

This debut novel came to me in an unusual way. The author, Holly Ducarte, is the sister of a former radio station colleague. It’s classified as YA – Young Adult fiction, but this older adult truly enjoyed it.  Continue reading

The Voice Down the Hallway

Happy short work-week! I think that should become more of a thing. Long weekend. Short work-week. I’ll get in touch with Hallmark and see if we can’t get some cards made up. But I digress.  Continue reading

Thankful Thursday – My Mama

I call her Mamasita, Matka, Ma, Mom and other variations on the same theme. And when I’m serious about something, I use her full name: Mother! It’s the equivalent of her using my full name when I was a kid.... Continue reading
a collection of rusted railway spikes hangs like a sculpture near the entrance to the station

Take The Last Train to McAdam

As we explored the St. Stephen-St. Andrews-Calais area last week, we took the advice of anyone who offered it. If someone said we should go see something, we went. That included my brother’s suggestion that we head up to McAdam... Continue reading
A pink bag with a see-through window that shows pink candies about an inch long and a quarter-inch wide.

The Thin Red Line

There are places in North America where you can stand in Canada and the US simultaneously. A massive, historic home straddles Stanstead, Quebec and Plain, Vermont, for example. You can enter the house from both countries.  Continue reading
huge, grey rocks in the foreground followed by a nicely sloping shore into water. The other side of the river is visible but not in detail.

Water Babies

Anthropologists probably have something deep and insightful to say about why Derek and I are drawn to water. All we know is that we feel calmer and happier around a body of water of just about any kind. Bigger than... Continue reading

On the Road Again

Full tank of gas? Check. GPS? Check. House/pet sitter? Check. Blog posts for next week? Um, uncheck. There might be one or two. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Une Dizaine D’annees, Mon Dieu!

Translation: It’s been ten years since Derek and I visited England and France. We also went to Monaco but didn’t quite make it to Italy. I’d love to spend a couple of years visiting tiny pockets of Europe. The only... Continue reading
woman in pantyhose wearing white high heels and a blue skirt has her legs crossed

Gripping Hose

Pantyhose. Am I right? PANTYHOSE!  Continue reading

The Wheat Stuff and the Chaff Stuff

The personal possession purge continues. A cedar chest we acquired and have no room for; a barnboard-and-bulb-cage chandelier made by Derek; an extra motorcycle windshield we boxed up and stored – it’s all going, going, gone!  Continue reading