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Throwback Thursday: I Robot – House Proud, Toronto Sun

How quickly things change, eh? This throwback House Proud column from November 2009 proves it. I was so excited about technology that reads text aloud and now we live in the age of Siri, Alexa and a host of other... Continue reading

TMI to the Max

Many times I’ve wrestled with whether to write about a personal story or situation. If I decide that a revelation can benefit someone else, then it’s worth the price of revealing something about my life. What columnist Leah McLaren wrote for... Continue reading

Straight Talk for Media Divas

I’ve always admired Sharon Taylor. She was Canada’s first female radio Program Director. She’s smart, sensible and insightful and that’s never been more evident than in a recent post she wrote in her position as consultant with Byrnes Media.  Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – A Moving Experience

Sometimes I think the rest of my life is going to mainly consist of asking, “that was how long ago?” The passage of time is on fast-forward. It’s already been five years since our friends Laurie and Jeff moved a... Continue reading

When One Door Closes….

…just open it again. That’s how doors work!  Continue reading

Everything Old is New

It appears that I won’t be writing House Proud for Sun Media anymore. My column has been running across the country for about 9 years now, but the marketplace has changed and the newspapers sections are getting smaller. But my terrific... Continue reading

House Proud: Mom Cave is an Idea Whose Time has Come – Sept 17, 2014

Everyone is familiar with the Man Cave, that secluded spot where the male head of the household can go alone to watch sports, or invite his buddies and maybe enjoy a stinky cigar without fear of reprisal. But what about... Continue reading

Our London Article About First Thing

Last week, Sean Meyer of Our London dropped into CJBK to interview Mike and me about our new morning show. I’ve known Sean’s work for years, but this was the first time we met face to face. And he obviously... Continue reading

House Proud: Spiffy addition raises age-old question: To stain or not to stain

My latest House Proud column is about our new deck, which you might be sick of by now! It’s been the subject of a few posts lately.  Continue reading

See Your Way to Better Colour Choices

Perhaps your furniture taste leans toward Danish modern and you have a thing for bold, graphic area rugs. You can pick out upholstery fabric from 10 metres away and set a table so pretty it would make Martha Stewart weep.... Continue reading