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The Wheat Stuff and the Chaff Stuff

The personal possession purge continues. A cedar chest we acquired and have no room for; a barnboard-and-bulb-cage chandelier made by Derek; an extra motorcycle windshield we boxed up and stored – it’s all going, going, gone!  Continue reading

The Big Tease

Coming soon…. Continue reading
My Dad in his racing suit and helmet standing with his horse, Accumulator, in the winner's circle after winning a race on PEI in 1992

Thankful Thursday – My Least Favourite Year

Sunday can’t possibly be the first anniversary of my father’s death. It’s gone so fast and time has also crawled. I truly thought I understood what it must be like to lose a parent but I didn’t – I couldn’t... Continue reading

Bot and Sold

I suppose I should feel flattered. Scores of Twitter bots, those automated, pre-programmed fake accounts, started following me last week. I didn’t even realize it was part of a trend until London’s Medical Officer of Health tweeted about it. Then... Continue reading

Filling the Hole in the Soul

What in the world happened in Toronto yesterday? Ten people are dead after a man ran a van along a sidewalk I walked a million times as a Torontonian. We can dismiss people as evil but that’s too easy. The... Continue reading

Sibling Supremacy

My brother and I argue about the most inconsequential things. Last week, we spent more time than I care to admit in opposition over what a piece of melted cheese looked like.  Continue reading

Pasta Resistance

I don’t believe in saying “never” to anything on the food chain. If someone tells me they will never eat bread again, but they absolutely love bread, I’ll hold my tongue but I want to tell them they’re crazy. Where... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – At Your Service

When I was a kid, I loved the poems of Robert Service. They told stories of the Yukon gold rush in a musical cadence that included lots of alliteration and rhymes. Service didn’t bother with subtleties in his most famous... Continue reading

Parting Advice

After a life marked by illness – chronic and acute – and several conditions that resulted in frequent hospital trips and stays, our friend’s adult son chose to end his life. He had suffered heart attacks and mini-strokes for a... Continue reading

Book Review: Collusion

Don’t mistake this book for being like all of the others about the Trump administration. Collusion was written by a journalist with rock-solid credentials including more than a decade embedded in Russia. Luke Harding has sources who go on the... Continue reading