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open mouth with tiny head-shot of actress Tori Spelling on the roof of it

Tori Tori Tori

On a recent visit to my doctor, I heard the words that could either mean an emergency or nothing to worry about: “I have no idea what that is.” Lucky for me it was the latter.  Continue reading
my last motorcycle - a beautiful Yamaha V-star 1100

Throwback Thursday – Biker Buddies

We spent some time sorting stuff in the basement last weekend, after the temperature plummeted to -22C after hitting 9C the day before. Bins of papers from The World of Motorcycles Expo are stacked floor to ceiling. As suspected, not... Continue reading

The Company Name Game

Business names have always intrigued me. Sometimes, I’ll see one that’s so complicated or confusing that I want to stop in just to ask them how they decided on it.  Continue reading
still shot of the Amazon Echo at the Witlingo display at CES with a little sign about voice-first and a booklet about using Alexa for your business

What Happened in Vegas

The festival of nerds is over for another year. CES, formerly the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, has wrapped after blowing the minds of tech-geeks with its innovations. It’s all about smaller, better, faster, wearable tech, self-driving cars, and... Continue reading

Living on the Edge

Ken says, never apologize for showing emotion. I’m fortunate that he feels that way as tears streamed down my cheeks from about 8:15-8:30 during Friday morning’s show on News/Talk 1290.  Continue reading
Closeup of a microphone suspended over an on-air computer in a radio broadcast studio

Judge With Caution

I’ve written and set aside at least a half-dozen columns about the #metoo movement. Most of what’s worth saying has already been said. Then I considered my own experiences and realized I had an unusual one, long ago, that might... Continue reading
Derek stands between two cactuses that are at least 30 feet high each

Throwback Thursday – Wile E. Coyote

Go looking for Saguaro Cactus in Arizona if you ever want to feel tiny and young, Continue reading
a dictionary opened to the page that shows the word dictionary

Words Old and New

Language is fluid. It evolves and morphs over time, like it or not. Those of us working alongside millennials don’t want to sound like an old fart. I’m not suggesting we adopt the millennial phraseology – egad no – but... Continue reading

Related Regrets

Over the holidays, the sister of a London police Constable posted photos on social media. They showed the officer – long before she was an officer – step by step as she dressed up in blackface, tribal-like beads and a... Continue reading
More than a foot of snow on the deck rails and top of the covered barbecue. In the background is our cedar hedge, also buried in snow

#$*&^! Winter

Yes, I choose to live in Canada. Canada has winters. Those winters can sometimes be harsh and this has been a particularly rough one. I’ve done the research and Ecuador has my ideal climate. It also has spiders the size... Continue reading