The Sour Life of the Cynic

My latest column for Our London considers the cynic and why I think it’s a bad thing to become. 

I didn’t arrive at this conclusion on my own. I’ve written about it (in different words, at a different time) in this space long ago. John Stall of 680 News gave me the advice mentioned in this column and it really resonated with me. Obviously! You can see the column HERE.

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I love this. I used to work with someone who would roll her eyes at the thought of a fundraiser after a disaster. She’d say “it isn’t a disaster unless they’re having a telethon…” but I always looked at it through different lenses: people were actually trying to do something, make a difference and help out. Is it better to just sit there and do nothing at all? I think of her every time there’s an attempt at disaster relief by celebrities and I hope they never stop. If seeing J-Lo on TV makes one person give to Puerto Rico, then what is the harm, really?


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