The Reality of Fake News

Of all the things that have come along with the campaign and Presidency of Donald Trump – gah, every time I say President Trump I feel my blood pressure rise – the most egregious in my opinion is the proliferation of fake news. 

Fake news has always been around. Tabloids are full of it. Some countries deal in it but we call it propaganda. Now there’s an American President (there goes my blood pressure again) who uses his own definition of fake news and people, by the millions, believe him. It’s dangerous to real news and those who have the integrity and tenacity to seek the truth.

But the real problem, as I see it, are the gullible masses who believe everything they read if it fits their world view. Ergo my latest column in our London: The Fake News Fiasco. To read it, please click HERE.

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The only true source of “fake news” and “propaganda” currently comes out of Washington and the White House and its true believers are seriously suffering “perception bias”, that which goes against all established facts.


I wish that were true but it’s clearly not.


To hear today that tRump is today asking about having NBC’s license revoked (as if he could) because he didn’t like them reporting about Tillerson’s “moron” comment and the fact he asked for 10x the nuclear power this past summer, makes your post even more timely. He calls it all “fake” and his followers blindly concur and retweet. If they only cared as much about the 1st amendment as they do their bogus interpretation of the 2nd.

Alex Paylor
12/10/2017 13:04

It is amusingly ironic to hear Trump whine about “Fake News” when you recall the National Enquirer endorsed him during the election campaign. That tabloid rag has never printed a true story


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