Sizing Me Up

This week in Our London, I told everybody what size clothing I wear. But my weight? You’ll never get that out of me. 

My column for this week centres on my irritation with the way women are categorized as regular or plus or fabulous or whatever they’ll come up with next. Why are we segregated and who decided where regular ends and plus begins? Those are the fundamental questions I address. If you’d like to read my Desegregating the Sizes in Women’s Fashion, click HERE!.

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I have never been able to figure out womens sizing. Like what the hell is a double 0? When my family use to exchange gifts at Xmas and I had to buy for one of the women in the family, my solution was to send one of the other women to pick up the gift.

Suzanne White
22/09/2017 11:07

well said!! Interesting that for most clothes I am a size 10 or sometimes 12 – and for those “designer” labels, I am an 8… I think they figure for the prices they are charging they might as well pay you a compliment 🙂


I can relate, I think. I’m a husky-size fella in a slim-fit world.


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