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A Fair Weekend

We love the simplicity of a small-town fall fair. Although Saturday felt more like the height of summer than the beginning of fall, we ventured out for the annual event in Thorndale, a bit north and east of London. Continue reading

Sizing Me Up

This week in Our London, I told everybody what size clothing I wear. But my weight? You’ll never get that out of me.  Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Do I Make You Corny?

You have to be of a certain age to remember Hee Haw. It’s not a reference you can throw into casual conversation when there’s a variety of ages present. The collection of country performers and sketches about hicks aired from... Continue reading

Moving Pieces

Lisa’s Pieces pieces have been on the move. Here’s an update on where to find us when you’re in London.  Continue reading

Text-ament to the Innermost Thoughts of Some Listeners

And now, more excerpts from the listener text file.  Continue reading

A Key-ah for my Kia

If you had asked me at 8 am Sunday whether I could lock myself out of my Kia without using my fob, I would have said no. By 8:20 I knew that it was possible. Continue reading

Under Pressure

I’ve been treated for high blood pressure for a while now. It’s a family trait, like brown eyes and no visible waist. And now that Derek’s in the BP testing game too, we’ve kicked it up a notch.  Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – The Beautiful Simplicity of the Gentle Giant

My first two full-time on-air radio jobs found me in country music radio, first in Red Deer, Alberta and then in Prince George, BC. I had some earlier experience with what was then called country & western, through my Mom... Continue reading

Just Say The Word

In the six-and-a-half years since my personal victory over sepsis, a lot has changed. Sepsis is the body’s overreaction to a minor infection that leads to a blood infection that’s fatal if it isn’t treated. Here’s an update, for this... Continue reading

Lucky Nacho

If you cry easily or can’t stand a tragic story, even when it has a happy ending, this is your opportunity to bail. Go ahead. The rest of us will wait. Head over to Cute Things Falling Asleep or watch... Continue reading