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Throwback Thursday – School Daze

Do you remember the feeling of going back to school? A mix of excitement and dread, mandatory shopping trips and uncertainty about what stuff we would actually need. Were denim-patch pencil cases still in? These things mattered when you simply... Continue reading

Twenty Years On

The first time in my lifetime that I remember the world feeling united was after the death of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed in 1997. I was working at CHML in Hamilton but put 680 News on through the house,... Continue reading

More Than Fun & Games

I want to tell you about my brother’s and my friend Al. I call Al my brother from another mother. Al’s Dad and our Dad were business partners at one time. Kevin and Al hung out in high school and... Continue reading

The Vocal Minority

Does everyone get the Sunday Night Blues? Generally, I just get on with it, but sometimes I feel a bit of dread about Monday. I enjoy my job, really I do, but the longer I do it, the more concern I... Continue reading

“The scariest moment is always just before you start” ~Stephen King

Writing an opinion column is hard. Writing a daily blog is hard. Writing is hard!  Continue reading

Sign of the Times

Hate isn’t the opposite of love, fear is. I truly believe that the root of hatred, whether it’s white supremacy or any of those other disgusting world views, is fear. Ignorance. Insecurity. They might be buried deeply but they’re down... Continue reading

Starsky & Hutch, Turner & Hootch, Ken & Lisa

Ken and I are shooting a TV commercial this morning. It’s not just for our Morning Show on CJBK; afternoon drive host Andy Oudman is also in it and although the script is a closely guarded secret, I gather we... Continue reading

Carreying on with Art

Art, at its essence, can be difficult to describe. What moves one person might leave another feeling meh. And trying to explain what it feels like to create art is a challenge. I’ve likened it to feeling like I’m flying.... Continue reading

Owen Armstrong, Caring Kidpreneur

I try to leave the work-week on a high note. Our news/talk morning show receives a constant stream of texts and if we get a terrific one near the end of the show on a Friday, I’ll close the text... Continue reading