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Adversely Affected by Advil

You may remember Cousin Kim from Erin Davis’ retirement show. She was my “date”. She’s a great lady and one of Derek’s favourite first cousins. Now, Kim is coming through a terrible ordeal as the result of seemingly “safe” over-the-counter... Continue reading

The Sweetest Rap Video Ever

Confession: I’ve watched this video several times and it’s always been on mute. I don’t really care about the song. Macklemore isn’t my thing. A 34-year-old rapper doesn’t want to be my thing. But what he is, is a caring,... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Best Pizza in Town

I’m pretty sure that Robbies Pizza was the first pizza I ever ate. That is correct – not Robbie’s; Robbies. I unearthed one of their flyers in a pile of my father’s stuff. Continue reading

Falling Behind

The motorcycle industry is hurting. This isn’t anything new. It hasn’t really recovered since sales plummeted in the mid 2000s when the economy took a hit and the first things people gave up were their “play” items. They stopped buying... Continue reading

Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Misfortune

When Ken’s away, I’ll do whatever it takes to not be boring.  Our morning show – a talk show, may I remind you – eats up so much more content when there’s just one person at the helm. Without Ken... Continue reading

A Prehistoric Boudoir Photo Shoot

Trust me. This is worth your time. A woman who would obviously make a great friend or colleague decided to give her fiance a collection of boudoir photos.  Continue reading

Review: The Power of Time Perception by Jean Paul Zogby

I’ve always been curious about what makes time seem to speed up or slow down. Why can we remember tiny details about something that happened in our teens but nothing at all about most things that occurred in our 30s? Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Bye-bye Bears

Considering the amount of time I’ve spent in my old hometown lately and the Facebook friends I have from high school including the group dedicated just to my class year, you’d think I would have caught wind of the farewell... Continue reading

The Emperor is Naked and Afraid

We have to find some common ground in this deeply divided world in which we now live. Did you support Donald Trump? Liberals think you’re a moron. Are you against him? Conservatives think you’re stupid. Politics didn’t used to be... Continue reading

Playing Stupid

Unless you can hire people to do everything including point to where your stuff should go, something usually goes awry on moving day. You have to expect to encounter a bump or two in the road to your new home. Continue reading