Throwback Thursday – Free to Be

It’s been less than two years since I left Free-FM but sometimes it feels like decades. Derek and I both made some great friends there and there’s a photo of one in particular that makes me LOL every time. 

Derek is standing behind Avery, who's seated, and giving her a whisker rub as she grins widely

That’s Avery (Moore) Kloss, getting an old-fashioned whisker rub from Derek. Avery was Free-FM’s reporter, fill-in anchor, and moral compass. Now she’s an entrepreneur, in charge of the Shop Brantford website and doing a bunch of other things I can’t keep up with. She blogs about creativity and calmness at Choose Polkadots.  We adore her and her husband Jason.

Some things might fall out of fashion, but a good old whisker rub – when carefully applied to a willing participant – isn’t one of them.

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From that day forward I only ever accepted whisker rubs from DB. Great times. Thanks for the love LB. ❤️


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