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I Am Canadian

When I make a complaint, if it’s not about the weather, I say “I’m sorry”. Most of my complaints are about the weather. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – As Good As It Gets

My maternal grandfather, who died when my Mom was ten years old, relied on rations during the Second World War. We recently found a ration coupon booklet with many of the little tickets still intact.  Continue reading

What We’re Bringing to the Table

Months ago, we were given an old sewing machine and I knew immediately that I wanted it to be the base for a table. Meanwhile, we bought another couple of machines and earmarked them for the same fate. But we... Continue reading

Guest Post by Donald D’Haene – Thank-you Jerry Seinfeld

Donald D’Haene is a retired London performer, reviewer, TV host, author and columnist. He’s also not a hugger. Today, I’m handing my blog space over to him.  Continue reading

Fire the Sky II

A few months ago, a journalist with The Toronto Star contacted me for permission to use parts of a blog post I wrote last year about the Symphony of Fire, the fireworks competition that used to be held at Ontario... Continue reading

Oh Canada (Free Flag!)

Someone knocked on the door after 8 pm one night last week. Derek and I were in bed, reading, but I scrambled up and grabbed a robe. By the time I got to the door I saw a woman I... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – No Place Like Home (It’s Not Home Anymore)

When I was in Grade 7 and Kevin in Grade 5 at Lakeview School in Grimsby, Mom and Dad bought a 53-acre parcel of land in West Lincoln.  After years of renting, they would build their own home and have... Continue reading

Some Kind of Einstein

Journalism is alive and well at the BBC. One of my favourite shows is Hard Talk on BBC World News, hosted by Stephen Sackur. There’s a radio version of the show that’s so good, I can hardly stand it. How... Continue reading

Living History

Looking for something different to do last Friday, my pal Jenn suggested we check out the new broadcasting exhibit at Museum London. At the time, we didn’t realize it was the second anniversary of the death of our then-patriarch at... Continue reading


Buying a simple garden hose isn’t so simple anymore. You need to almost be a professional shopper in order to make sure you’re not getting ripped off by all of the so-called LAST HOSE YOU’LL EVER NEED! claims out there.... Continue reading