Glorious Victoria

Where to begin? At the beginning, I suppose. At my wonderful friends’ new home in Victoria, BC, with a panoramic view of the harbour and mountains, in the corner of our country that doesn’t experience weather extremes.

Oh, there’s always the risk of an earthquake, and some say they’re due for a big one, but Erin and Rob’s house is far enough from the shore and high enough in elevation to give them a better chance than most of escaping a tsunami. And besides, that’s all just speculation right now. Their winter is rainy and their summer is spectacular. No shovels required.

The limitations of my photo-taking ability coupled with my respect for their privacy (this isn’t a real estate tour, after all!) prevent me from showing you that view. Everything I tried to capture about it seemed lacking. It’s like the Grand Canyon; you don’t really get it unless you see it for yourself. But the neighbourhood is pretty special.

Huge fir tree cut to look like a dog

A giant red bush looks like it's on fire but it's just the bright leaves

Erin sits cross-legged on a lawn that's covered in pink petals

My inability to capture some things via the camera lens also extends to how I’m incapable of explaining the ease, comfort and laughter of being with Erin. I believe I don’t articulate it well – to her or to you! If you have that kind of connection with someone, you know what it’s like. If you don’t, I wish for one for you.

And we mustn’t forget Molly, the ever-present, always entertaining little furball of their family. I’ve gotten to walk her over the years, carry her like a piece of luggage to a boat by the handle of her PFD, share a blanket and a nap with her on various beds and couches and get wet Molly-kisses for no reason at all.

Little white and tan Molly stands in my shoes, looking up at the camera

We walked along the shore, ate our weight in seafood and roamed various areas of the city. The three of us (Me, Erin and Rob) took the hop-on-hop-off tour of Victoria and learned about its history, its charms, and its infamous one-legged hooker of the 1800s. I’ve taken such tours in London, England, Paris, France and elsewhere. I think it’s the best way to get to know a city and explore it without paying huge cab fares. As for Victoria, it always comes back to the stunning water views.

the shoreline just west of Victoria

It reminds me a little of California, thanks to imported palm trees and wide streets. Even when it’s cool out, it’s gorgeous. And I’m grateful for such a wonderful experience. Thank you my dear friends for a week I won’t forget.

Victoria's legislature buildings outlined and lit up in white lights

Me and Erin arm in arm with the Victoria harbour in the background


Tomorrow: Seattle!

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Oh…Lisa. It was so wonderful of you to come and share yourself with us for a whole week. Thank you, friend. Thank you. xox


It was blissful!


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