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John Ernest Hubbs – 1935-2017

Too soon and yet after too much suffering, my father has died as the result of complications from Parkinson’s. It’s a horrible disease. An eventual life sentence of deteriorating motor skills, loss of independence and dementia. He was 82, but... Continue reading

RLR – Sharon Whiteside Reviews “Girl on Guy” Podcasts

Loads of positive feedback followed my first Really Late Review last Friday.  It seems I’ve found common ground with plenty of people who don’t leap on the next new thing the minute it comes out. Several readers promised to submit their... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – My Brother, My Twin

There were a few years when we were kids that people mistook my baby brother and me for twins. I wasn’t growing at all and he was growing fast. We’re sixteen months apart but we looked alike.  Continue reading


We’re lucky that my Dad is mostly in a good mood while Parkinson’s eats away at his mobility and dementia claims more of his time. As I’ve posted previously, we just go along with whatever reality he’s in. It’s as if he’s... Continue reading

Weekday Wedding

The Ken and Lisa Morning Show pitched a contest idea some time ago: a wedding vow renewal. We’d choose a couple and give them a CJBK Wedding Do-Over. Mary and Fred’s entry was selected some time ago, and their mini-wedding... Continue reading

Long Gone Happy Days

Erin Moran never would have made it on a sitcom in this era of instant critics on social media. She was cute but she was ordinary. She didn’t have a 22-inch waist or DD boobs. Unless she could write her... Continue reading

Really Late Review – Hidden Figures

This is an experiment. It occurred to me that not everyone sees movies when they first come out. We sure don’t. Life is busy and there are other priorities. I used to try to see all of the nominees for... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Rising to New Heights

Tall women have long been told that they shouldn’t wear heels, or look taller than men. This is, of course, ridiculous. A female friend who’s 6′ tells everyone she’s 5′ 12″. (She does it as a joke, though.)  The crew... Continue reading

Updated: Derek and Duck and Dodo

Although Derek continues to make tables and other items out of wood, he seems to have found his niche in making one-of-a-kind lamps. He also loves the work. I tell him that they’re functional works of art and he says,... Continue reading

Mug Life

A couple of weeks ago I put out a request on social media for coffee mug recommendations. Not ordinary mugs though, travel mugs, or something that would keep my coffee hot. I have a cheap, ordinary mug at work and... Continue reading