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Resiliency Ninja Allison Graham

About once a year since I moved to London someone will ask me if I know Allison Graham. When I say I don’t, they’re always surprised. Everyone knows Allison Graham! And if they don’t yet, they will once her new... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – The Hockey Series in the Shadow

All Canadians know about the 1972 Canada-Russia hockey series in which the NHL proved its supremacy via Paul Henderson’s last minute goal. In 1974, the upstart WHA took on the Russians with a different outcome. The World Hockey Association was attempting to... Continue reading

Analyzing RAM: Rampant Apostrophe Misuse

You may already be aware that the misuse of the apostrophe is my Achilles heel. Finally, I’ve come to a point where I can refrain from commenting on social media when my friends commit crimes against punctuation but it’s still a... Continue reading

Less (Information) is More

My head is full of details about news stories past and present. We all suffer from information overload but I think it’s different when that info is about your passion, say, competitive quilting. When it concerns the heinous and horrible... Continue reading

Smallwood, Big Dreams

All Newfoundlanders know the history of Joey Smallwood. He was the politician who brought the country of Newfoundland into confederation in 1949. As the rock’s leader of the Liberal Party, Smallwood became its first Premier and sat virtually unchallenged in... Continue reading

Off the Hook!

At Lisa’s Pieces, puns are free – this lamp, yes, it’s off the hook and it will stay that way as it lights up a life/desk/counter/table/what-have-you.  Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – I’ve Done 150 Before

Our country turns 150 this year but parts of it are much older than that. In fact, if you talk to Canada’s indigenous people, they’ll remind you that this sesquicentennial marks 150 years of colonialism, not confederation. But I digress.  Continue reading

The Latest in the Outrage Industry

When did we get so sensitive? Did we lose our collective sense of humour while I was napping? I nap almost every day, so that’s entirely possible. What’s with the popular hobby of being offended and outraged where those things don’t... Continue reading

Straight Talk for Media Divas

I’ve always admired Sharon Taylor. She was Canada’s first female radio Program Director. She’s smart, sensible and insightful and that’s never been more evident than in a recent post she wrote in her position as consultant with Byrnes Media.  Continue reading

Do I Make You Corny, Baby?

Corned beef. It’s one of those things I’ve heard about all my life and never really stopped to think about. Beef that’s been…corned? What the hell!? It turns out that a lot of people don’t know details about this traditional... Continue reading