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It’s Not About Me

The next time I’m asked to speak about my career to a university or college class, I’m going to say no. It’s not that I don’t want to help them, it’s that I don’t think that I can.   Continue reading

Review: Secret Life, The Jian Ghomeshi Investigation

Journalists discuss ethics. A lot. We notice when someone’s lost their integrity and we constantly ask ourselves and each other if we as individuals and as a group, are maintaining our own. Continue reading

Luuup Review

It’s always easier to explain something that’s totally terrific or absolutely horrible. It’s more difficult when it lands somewhere in between the two extremes.  Continue reading

Ken’s Gift Can Be Yours, Too

Whenever I’m asked about my cohost Ken Eastwood, “good guy” will come up in my answer.  Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Righting Some Wrongs

In 1989 I put a 45 on a dusty turntable in the FM102 music library and listened to a song called Soldier of Love. It was shipped without a label, purposely, so Music Directors wouldn’t be biased before they got... Continue reading

In the Luuup

Cats can be kind of disgusting. They’re more-or-less clean and rather obsessed with self-grooming but…well…if you’ve ever had a cat, you know. So when I heard about Luuup, the self-described Best Litter Box Ever Made, I had to investigate. This... Continue reading

What the #*&%?

It looks like I have several friends who are near-geniuses. Let me explain. New research shows we’re wrong when we assume that someone who swears a lot has a small vocabulary and equally small brain.  Continue reading

Diss Ability

Parkinson’s has robbed my Dad of many things. He shuffles when he walks and sometimes loses his balance so he has to be watched carefully when he moves. His arms don’t always do what he tells them. He looks smaller... Continue reading

Miss Information

The Huffington Post conducted a fascinating experiment this week. They crafted an article with a deliberately false headline just to see how many people would share it without even reading it. Thousands did.  Continue reading

Coffee Culture

A few years ago, I met a fellow author at a book-signing event at Chapters here in London. We had both been guests on a Rogers TV show called The Book Nook. Joe Ornato wrote Neurotic Money: The World of... Continue reading