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The best costumes are scary or funny because they have a ring of truth to them! Take this duo, for instance. Continue reading

Nice Guy, Kevin Meaney

Kevin Meaney died last weekend. You may not know his name, but in stand-up comedy circles and among stand-up comedy nuts like me, he was a mainstay. Only 60, he was a favourite of Johnny Carson’s on The Tonight Show... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Eight Years On

It’s been eight years since I made a permanent move back to London from Toronto. Eight. I hope that by repeating it, it will sink in as real because it’s a big number for what feels like a short amount... Continue reading

A Tale of Two Celebrities

The Kardashians are selling a brand. I get that. They are prettier than us and richer than us and having more fun than us. Well, they were until Kim was bound and gagged and held hostage in her Paris hotel... Continue reading

Fear and Loathing in the Hallway

My greatest flooring fear after Derek replaced old carpet with new laminate flooring in the front room a few years ago, was that by the time we were ready to continue the job down the hallway and into the back... Continue reading

Sickly Spicey

Our 15-year-old Head of Household Security isn’t well. In addition to hyperthyroidism, he has pancreatitis and a bit of kidney disease. It’s thought that once we get the pancreas sorted out, the kidney will improve. We certainly hope so.  Continue reading

It’s 11 O’Clock. Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

With those words, Irv Weinstein began the late-night newscast on Buffalo’s WKBW Channel 7. He was the big time, the Walter Cronkite for our generation. He left the airwaves 17 years ago but just his name conjurs up memories of mentions of... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Two-Wheeled Adventures

When did bicycles get so expensive? I recently decided I wanted to cycle, and checked out the actual retail prices of ladies’ bikes. It’s crazy! I just want to get a bit of exercise, not transfer my RRSPs into a hunk of... Continue reading

How to Be (When I’m Being my Best)

Overtip. Greet children when you greet their parents. When you think of a compliment, say it.   Continue reading

New Fights for Old Money

If the heir to the writer of a children’s campfire song can claim ownership to a famous pop-flute riff, then anything truly is possible when it comes to owning the rights to music. A former Boomtown Rat hopes so, anyway.... Continue reading