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What do you Love?

Whether you love playing darts, quilting, raking leaves or collecting computer parts, you can find like-minded hobbiests on the Internet. Even men who love doing laundry have found each other!   Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Vintage Tulip

Pink was all the rage for home decor in the 80s. They called it dusty rose. So were deep grey, Caribbean blue and not wearing socks, if you were Don Johnson on Miami Vice. Continue reading

Lobster Will Flounder

How anyone can dispute the science of climate change baffles me. It’s fodder for stand-up comics (Can we trust temperatures taken 150 years ago?? Back then they were using leeches to cure disease!) and hard right-wingers who believe that if... Continue reading

A Work Buddy I’ve Always Wanted

No, not Ken. Ken’s awesome and a terrific cohost and collaborator. But I’m talking about a woman who works in a completely different division and has made the most incredible offer to me.  Continue reading


Did you hear the new, updated Ontario anthem? Did you even know we had an unofficial, provincial anthem? It was a song from a movie and I remember learning it in school.  Continue reading

Shaming Schumer

Love her or loathe her Amy Schumer – I love her – is a powerful force in pop culture. Her TV show, Inside Amy Schumer, is a boundary-pusher. She spoofs, and therefore brings to light, even serious issues like rape... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – A Painter’s Lament

Eight years ago we refreshed our kitchen. This house was a disaster when we bought it. That’s how we got a great deal on it! And the kitchen was useless, old, and gross. We replaced just about everything including the... Continue reading

Worthy Clickbait

If you’re on the Internet, you know clickbait. It’s often headlined with something that ends with, “You Won’t Believe What Happened!” or “He Never Imagined THIS!” And then you click through a series of slides and bring revenue to a... Continue reading

The Land of Oz

A little late to the party, again, I’ve just started listening to the audiobook of You: The Owner’s Manual, by Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen.This updated edition came out in 2008. Somehow these esteemed medical professionals had forgotten... Continue reading

Did You Adult Today?

Adulting is now a word. And adulting is hard. How does one adult? You did it today. You got up and faced Monday despite not really wanting to. That’s adulting.  Continue reading