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My Happy Place

From fornicating Mayors to mass shootings to random attacks on strangers, I’ve had quite enough of the news for a week. This week, my smart, beautiful, amazing step-daughter is visiting and I’m giving myself a break from everything in my... Continue reading

A Clutch-and-Rotate Classic Wins

You’re familiar with the clutch-and-rotate? It’s the last song of the high school dance, and some dweeb asks you, or you ask some dweeb, and you clutch and rotate through the song. More often than not, when I was in... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Baby Brother’s Big Adventure

Yesterday was my brother’s birthday. I call him my baby brother because he’s 20 months younger than me, but about a foot-and-a-half taller. It amuses me to call him that, while looking straight up to make eye contact with him.  Continue reading

Sports Snorts

Reporting on sports is my least favourite part of my job as a newscaster. This is not new. I don’t generally watch sports, with limited exceptions. And I’ve never been such a fan that my happiness – even in the... Continue reading

Our Favourite 90-year-old

People are often surprised to learn how far back Derek and I go. We worked together at CKSL in London in the early 1980s. After that, we also worked at CKNX in Wingham, although our decisions to go there were... Continue reading

Dad’s Day, The Day After

We didn’t spend actual Father’s Day with my Dad this year. Yesterday was the 90th anniversary of CKNX Radio in Wingham – more about that tomorrow. But we did do an early Father’s Day get together. Despite enduring Parkinson’s for... Continue reading

Not Only in Brockville

Maybe you heard about the Brockville man whom police are looking for after he hurled belongings of his son and his girlfriend into a campfire. One of those things was a propane tank and it caused quite a little burst... Continue reading

Municipal Affair

The summer before the 2014 municipal election, Free-FM was one of the hosts of Rock the Park, the big multi-day music festival at London’s Harris Park. It’s an all-hands-on-deck event, from early morning until late at night. It was dark... Continue reading

Free to Pee, You and Me

Following George Takei on Facebook has its benefits. The legendary Mr. Sulu from the original Star Trek series has a biting sense of humour and loves to provoke, politically. Why shouldn’t he? He’s an openly gay man, married to his... Continue reading

Supplementary Expenses

When someone notices my sixteen-pounds-and-counting weight loss, they always want to know how I’m doing it. After they find out, they often have a suggestion of something I should take to help the mission along, or replenish a missing mineral/vitamin/acid,... Continue reading