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War Is Hell, Year After Year

Taxidermists, snake charmers, deep sea divers, astronauts, strippers, proctologists, butchers and vegans all have something in common: I can find a way to understand why they do what they do, even though I have no intention of ever joining them.... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Scott Shannon, Still Tops

There aren’t too many people to look up to in broadcasting anymore. Thousands who thought Jian Ghomeshi was all that sure got a slap upside the head in the past year or so. And the business is less stable than... Continue reading

There’s No Place Like Home Used to Be

My Mom hates wind turbines. She’s certainly not alone in that but unfortunately for Mom, turbines have been creeping into her world despite her efforts to stop them.  Continue reading

Medical Millionaires

It’s easy to condemn more than 500 Ontario doctors who billed the government for more than a million dollars last year. The list came out showing 12 of them practice in the London area, although names aren’t disclosed.  Continue reading

Podcast Guest

One of the first people I met when I moved back to London was Derek’s friend Kevin Bulmer. Kevin is a former on-air guy in radio, a singer-songwriter, Dad to two great lads and a whole lot of other cool... Continue reading

A Princely Visit

Whenever someone mentions Prince, the following story comes to mind. And yesterday, when news of his death at 57 started burning up social media, it came back in vivid purple colour. It was the time Prince came to London, Ontario.... Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Lee Roy Meets His Great Love

Lee Roy the border collie has been gone for going on a decade. Now, our friend Barry has a new puppy, Carly, and seeing her regularly, coupled with the rediscovery of this photo, has been bringing back sweet memories of Lee... Continue reading

Chalk it Up

Perhaps you’ve heard of the latest dumb thing to come out of my city. I love London, but sometimes we lead the country in idiotic ideas.  Continue reading

Projectile Pathogens

Sometimes you have a choice. You can wipe your hands on an old fashioned, environmentally-unfriendly paper towel which you toss in the trash, or you can use one of those fancy-pants hand dryers. There’s no mess afterward and your hands... Continue reading

My Own Set of Luggage

Photos of me without makeup show an undereye area that’s as dark as a bruise. Interestingly, that shade extends all around the eye. Mother Nature isn’t content to just give me dark bags. No, after so many years of getting... Continue reading