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2015 in Review

My last post of the year is usually about accomplishments, goals not yet met and hopes for the days after the calendar flips over. But this year was dominated by an unexpected occurrence in May. The inexplicable loss of our... Continue reading

Turkey Talk

This year I put my money where the farm is, and decided to shop locally for a bird. The Turkey Shoppe is a few minutes’ drive away in Talbotville, so in I went and got Mr. Frozen Turkey at a... Continue reading

Lisa’s Pieces

As you likely know, I’m a bit of a decor nut and a crafty person. Derek has a creative mind and he’s good with a saw and hammer. We have collaborated on countless projects and enjoy the process. So it... Continue reading

Universally Missed

Poor Steve Harvey. He’s the subject of a million jokes after his huge gaffe at Miss Universe last week.  Continue reading

Merry Custom Christmas

For the past few years, I’ve set out our leg lamp inspired by the movie, A Christmas Story, on a table in front of our livingroom window. Outside of the holidays, the lamp lives in our guest bedroom, where it... Continue reading

The Sixth Sense

Derek and I don’t make public declarations about our relationship. Occasionally, there’ll be a compliment or a jokingly sarcastic comment on social media, but that’s mostly meant to entertain. Whatever we think or feel about each other tends to stay... Continue reading

Top Media Releases of 2015

Sometimes media get it wrong. But sometimes we’re working from information that gets it even wronger! (I know!) Continue reading


When I told my brother about how I ended up with a mittful of Starbucks cards, he called it Ungifting and suggested I might be on the leading edge of a new trend. I’ll share the story and let you... Continue reading

Alpaca Pals

When it’s gotten stressful at work, I’ve often jokingly said, “I’m going to start an alpaca farm”.  Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Managerial Memories

Thanks to my former colleague Mike Eppel for digging this up from his “Welcome to CKNX” kit in 1989. Continue reading