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The Tooth of the Matter

My stupid tooth came out of my stupid head on Saturday night. It had been feeling loose and temperamental for a few days so I wasn’t surprised but I wasn’t exactly delighted, either.  Continue reading

What’ll It Take to put A Used Cat in Your Home?

Props to the Calgary Humane Society. Their cheesy idea to promote cat adoption worked and the video, Used Cat Salesman, has gone viral.  Continue reading

Virginia Ambush

All day, I felt sick to my stomach over the live, on-air murders of a 24-year-old reporter and a 27-year-old cameraman at a shopping mall in Virginia. A disgruntled former colleague killed them, because he felt they had cost him... Continue reading

House Proud: Spiffy addition raises age-old question: To stain or not to stain

My latest House Proud column is about our new deck, which you might be sick of by now! It’s been the subject of a few posts lately.  Continue reading

I’m Not With the Band

I meant to take of photo of Alain’s car, stuffed full with my drums, cymbals and assorted stands, but I forgot. It’s just as well. I probably shouldn’t look back.  Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Heroes

Too often, we learn the names of the deranged lunatics who murder innocent people. I won’t accept criticism of the media for that; it’s logical because they are one person and everyone wants to know what makes them tick. But... Continue reading

This is What It Has Come To

Confession: I believe in lying.  Continue reading

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Harness

Spice the wonder-cat, the head of security, the lead tiger of the house, is an indoor cat. He has no front claws, very few teeth, and when we adopted him at age 11 I signed a declaration promising to keep... Continue reading

Candy Crushed

If you’ve never played the online game Candy Crush, you might only know it from the requests to play that clutter up social media. That, by the way, is a problem with your privacy settings on Facebook. If you’re getting... Continue reading

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

If my husband’s ponytail was a person, it would be an adult, living on its own and probably partying with other ponytails. Continue reading