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The Final Farewell

Today I’m attending the sad goodbye for Lauren Davis and I’ve been asked to read a poem during the service. Continue reading

Time is Running Out

Have you seen these two (alleged) dirtbags? Meet Elvira Krstic who prefers to be called Maya. She used to date a man named Jesse James, 23, who was stabbed to death on surveillance video downtown at the start of the...

Back off My Beans

I don’t drink alcohol, I quit smoking in 1988 and I don’t do drugs. Not illegal ones, anyway, and none for pure pleasure. I have only one vice left and that’s coffee. So scientists, please keep your beakers away from... Continue reading

Smart Mirrors, Dumb Idea

People have been saying technology has gone too far since the candle-maker was in danger of having his business snuffed out by the invention of the lightbulb. So I’m not saying it’s going too far, I’m just saying that in... Continue reading

Our Loyal Sentry

On Sunday afternoon, I was in the basement gathering some laundry I had hung to dry when a noise in the other room caught my attention. Spice was on the bookshelf behind the drum kit, knocking books onto the floor.... Continue reading

Delicious Dish

Dish, the upcoming Rogers London TV show starring Donald D’Haene and me, is coming together. We have an intro concept, our first shows more-or-less mapped out and our sponsors in place. Continue reading

What Ignorance Makes Us Miss

Recently, I had the privilege of being hired to present some media relations practices and techniques to an important advocacy group for native bands in our region. And I came away with almost as much information as I gave. Continue reading

Show Probes Treasures Lurking Across Rural Ontario – article

Barns, cottages and sheds full of treasures are hiding throughout rural Ontario and the hosts of Backroad Bounty are itching to find them and pick through the treasures within. Continue reading

At A Loss

There are some things that forever change you. You’re one person before it occurs, and another person afterward. In my immediate family, it was the accidental death on Christmas Day of my uncle Caz, my Mom’s little brother, at just... Continue reading

Happy Birthday Vicky

You saucy minx. Thanks for the extra day off.