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It Wasn’t Suicide

On my first trip to Las Vegas, in the mid-80s, I sat in the cockpit with the pilot and copilot and they invited me to strap in and stay during landing. I was too chicken and declined.   Continue reading

We All Fall Down

For the sake of my dignity, I must believe that this happens to all of us: we do something goofy or dumb or embarrassing and at least one person notices, and we probably make their day.   Continue reading

What Money Can’t Buy

Often times when people ask me if I miss working in Toronto I reply that I miss two things: the people and the money, in that order. It’s no surprise that Toronto as a whole would offer a bigger salary... Continue reading

Brushes With Fame

Celebrities are just people who got good at what they do and became known for it. Or they’re Kardashians. But social media has given us a chance to connect with them and them with us.   Continue reading

Preparing for Riding Season

The foot that required a boot late last year is healed. My rotator cuff is stronger now from physiotherapy, massage therapy and daily exercises. Now if I can just get my hip to cooperate fully after a muscle pull, I’ll... Continue reading

Annual Wanderlust

It happens every year: I get spring fever.   Continue reading

I’m a Belieber

Well, I’m a Belieber inasmuch as I can’t wait for the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber to air next week.  Continue reading

Joe Not-So-Fresh

The Joe of Joe Fresh is no longer with the company. Creative Director and founder Joe Mimran has left the helm of the low-priced private label brand and handed the reins to company President Mario Grauso. Apparently there are no... Continue reading

Putting Crime on the Map

London police started using crime-mapping technology a little more than a year ago. Many major cities have been using this tool for a few years. In London, it’s already paid for itself in targeted crime reduction.  Continue reading

Kicked Out of the Nest

And so another term at Fanshawe College comes to an end. This was a short one, because the students have an internship before they graduate. In fact, two students I worked with will be coming to our newsroom at Free... Continue reading