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Review: Cake

Hollywood as a whole expected Jennifer Aniston to get an Academy Award nomination for her starring role in the movie Cake. Unfortunately, she was passed over. Her character, Claire, is suffering from chronic pain and in a support group where... Continue reading

Ethics Shmethics

Behaving in an ethical manner should not have to be declared as a condition of employment. It comes from within, this knowing of the difference between right and wrong, although organized religion has done a bang-up job of trying to... Continue reading

Guts and Glitter

I wish I had the guts. The glitter bomb is the latest thing to go crazy on the Internet and it is simply the perfect method for getting revenge.  Continue reading

Maybe They Thought We Knew

Have you been to a movie theatre lately? We prefer to go the VIP theatre route. Although it’s more expensive it’s also much more comfortable and people tend to behave better, overall. Even though there’s bar service, we haven’t had... Continue reading

Sometimes You’re the Windshield, Sometimes You’re the Bug

What do I have in common with Kevin Costner, Uma Thurman, Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Sheen?  Continue reading

Decoding the Self

Some laughed at me when I told them I had purchased a DNA test via Groupon.  Continue reading

House Proud – Adhesive Measuring Tape Proves a Must-Have

On my first trip to Nashville many years ago, I picked up a few unusual trinkets as souvenirs. My Lynn Anderson pill box fell apart long ago but my City of Nashville keychain tape measure is still going strong. You... Continue reading

Review: American Sniper

I don’t know what I expected. American Sniper is the true story of Chris Kyle, the US Navy Seal credited as the most lethal sniper in American military history. It stars Bradley Cooper and it’s the first film made by... Continue reading

Go Sports!

There’s a terrific episode of The Big Bang Theory where Penny allows Leonard to come over and watch football with her and her friends. Leonard, in case you don’t know, is a brilliant scientist who knows nothing about football, baseball,... Continue reading

I Am Charlie

When I was a kid, I went through a worrier phase. I was anxious about another ice age after reading an article written by a scientist who predicted one. I fretted over the possibility of pandemics (although I didn’t know... Continue reading